Network of Indie Steampunks (NOIS)

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What it is: A literary services and marketing consortium

The aim is to bring together independent Steampunk writers and artists to help us all extend our reach by working cooperatively. NOIS can’t take the place of any member’s own marketing plan and efforts, but is here to help independent authors pool their resources and maximize the benefits of networking.

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What it isn’t: A publishing house

All NOIS members retain complete creative control over their stories and cover art. Though NOIS maintains high standards for punctuation, grammar, and formatting before admitting works into the catalog, no member will ever be required to change the content of a story based on feedback received by the facilitator or beta-readers.

NOIS may produce and market a members-only anthology of short stories at some point in the future, but this opportunity is dependent on the size of the Network.


More than $800 in services and potential discounts on just a single book, plus opportunities to participate in group marketing efforts and networking through review swaps and guest blogging. In addition, participate in beta-reading and critique from writers who work in your genre.

You can become a member of the Network in a variety of ways to support your individual needs.


Tin Member: Distribution online through Steampunk Journal and in person at conventions for Steampunk books and other merchandise. Find out more.


Iron Member: Gain access to free beta-reading and discounts on services such as cover art design, editing, and other things independent writers need. NOIS will commission and distribute group ad artwork online and in person. In addition, Network members have the opportunity to beta-read and review each other’s books. Find out more.


Copper Member: A combination of the Tin and Iron Membership levels, plus one free blog tour. Find out more.


Brass Member: The Copper Membership benefits for 2 full years, plus two blog tours per year and special gifts I send from the conventions where NOIS sells books. Find out more.