About Me

Profile pics 029Gears, goggles and glamour; Corsets, crafts and creativity; Sci-fi, silliness and steampunk; Dirigibles, dancing and DIY; Physics, phonics and phoenixes; Bustles, balloons and beads; Lace, leather and life; Fantasy, feathers and flaws; Paper, piercings and pirates!

For the past 5+ years, my husband, tiny dog and I have been living the lives of vagabonds and bouncing between places as far off as Bulgaria and as familiar as my childhood state of Minnesota. I’m currently living in the Black Forest of Germany, which has really been getting me interested in fairy tales lately. After that? We’ll see which way the wind is blowing. 

What do I Write?

I became interested in Steampunk starting in 2009 and started my first blog on that topic in 2012. In 2017, I left it to become the second editor for SteampunkJournal.org, the world’s most popular Steampunk news site. During 2017, I coordinated and contributed to the Collaborative Writing Challenge’s 7th project with a Steampunk theme called Army of BrassLater this summer, my horror re-telling of Pinocchio entitled “The Marionette” will appear in The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales anthology. I’ve also written two novels with a loosely Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy setting, and I am currently seeking publishing opportunities for them. You can check out excerpts from No Rest for the Wicked here

My geek girl tendencies don’t stop there. I’ve been known to dabble in a variety of fantasy off-shoots, including contributing “The Vigil” to the Chasing Magic anthology and lending my pen to the collaborative fantasy novel, Esyld’s Awakening. I have plans in late 2018 to write a standalone contemporary fantasy novel that pits a movie crew against the fairy tale creatures they awaken while shooting on location in the Black Forest (Working title: Grimmer).

I also occasionally dabble in contemporary romance under the pen name M.E. Anders. You can read a short story called “Next Time” as a companion to the Collaborative Writing Challenge’s novel, The Map

Find Me Around the Web

This is an interview I did in March 2017 with Radio RetroFuture.

My most recent interview just went live on HorrorTree.com, but you can also read a Steampunk Cavaliers interview about my first experience with Steampunk, an interview by Steampunk/Ancient Roman author Daniel Ottalini, and check out my interview and articles at Steampunk Journal.

Find awesome writing tips in my monthly posts for Our Write Side.


  1. PS My “Decay is Beautiful” page will have some artwork that might resonate with your sensibilities. I appreciate your writing and the images/data you share. You’ve prompted me to understand what it is about steampunk that I like. Random words and phrases come to mind: dark, moody, corsets, goggles, Terry Gilliam, steam, distopia without the blood and mayhem…a civilized darkness.


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