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After my successful Kickstarter campaign, I got the chance to visit New Orleans and attend the Edwardian Ball. I’ll be posting all kinds of tasty haunted and historical tidbits from my time in the Big Easy later this year. But in the meantime, you can read all about the fabulous Steampunk charity event for the Edward Gorey Trust.

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Just ONE WEEK Left if you Want the Inside Scoop on the Edwardian Ball in New Orleans! – New Rewards Added

Time is running out …

I was offered the chance of a lifetime, but I can’t take advantage without your help.

As the new US Editor for Steampunk Journal, I’ve been given the opportunity to report on the Edwardian Ball, a fantastic charity even taking place in New Orleans on March 25. But beyond the Journal, I am writing a series of books and several of them take place in New Orleans! (Read a teaser or the full Chapter 1)

This is an incredible opportunity for me to conduct research to give my books and the setting the full, rich treatment it deserves. I have lived in or visited many of places where Vi travels during the course of Mistress of None, but the Big Easy isn’t one of them. I chose it for its history, and it’s reputation as one of the world’s “Most Haunted” cities.

Not only will I report on the Ball for Steampunk Journal, but I plan to bring all kinds of wonderful historical tidbits and spooky facts about New Orleans to followers of But only if you help me get there next weekend! If you can see it in your heart to forego just ONE coffee, I can take this important journey down my writing path.


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I will also be offering prints of your favorite photos from the event, the Steampunk Journal report in your inbox early, and one of a kind works of art like the shadowbox you see here, but you get to see your name on both Steampunk Journal and!

Get in on the Steampunk Fun at the Edwardian Ball in New Orleans

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I am an Editor and reporter for Steampunk Journal, the world’s most popular Steampunk web magazine. We don’t get paid for our efforts, but I was recently offered an opportunity to report on the Edwardian Ball, a multi-city charity event happening for the first time in New Orleans on March 25.

I am desperate to go and report on the event for Steampunk Journal, but I can’t afford to get there without you! With your pledges, I can bring you the story early, plus extra content from my time in the Big Easy.

As luck would have it, I am also writing a series of books that take place in New Orleans, and this opportunity would also give me a chance to dive deeper into the history and architecture of this amazing city. So, in addition to getting the Steampunk Journal story before it is posted, you can also get bonus content for those who want to dive deeper.

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