Iron – Marketing and Writing Support


Who will want this:

Creators who want to participate in group advertising efforts in person and online. If you want to connect with other Steampunk creators and get tailored content for your own projects and your blogs, this could be the level of membership for you.

What you get:


  • Beta reading: $300/value. I will read one full-length Steampunk novel or collection of short stories (up to 100k words) and give written critique and consultation on issues of continuity, structure, voice, theme, and point of view.*
    • I have read over 50 Steampunk books, conducted independent research on the history of the Victorian era culture and technology for four years, and work as a freelance editor. Find out more about me and my editing services through The Refinery.
  • Inclusion in NOIS’s online catalog and Steampunk Journal’s Steampunk Writes/Reads in perpetuity (synopsis, links for sales and social media, plus the first chapter of your books is optional but encouraged)
  • Inclusion in group advertising efforts paid for by NOIS and run on Steampunk Journal and other outlets. This includes the printing and distribution of postcards at conventions and other Steampunk events.
    • NOIS will also send you 100 promotional postcards when your books are included in group ads for you to distribute locally.
  • Marketing copy crafted for you, and distributed to members to disperse in their networks on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly newsletter with curated content to help members market their own books and find opportunities submit stories for publication or review.
  • NOIS “Seal of Approval” logo files for optional use in e-book and print interiors, and websites. NOIS can stamp the logo onto books that are already printed if they pass copy-editing standards. (Find out more about NOIS’s expectations for members and member books.)


  • NOIS has reached out to several of the most prominent Steampunk websites to create opportunities for blog tours to showcase excerpts, guest posts, reviews, character and cover artwork. (Learn more about our Partners)
    • Tin includes a 25% discount on each blog tour. ($25 value)
    • Iron includes a 50% discount on each blog tour. ($50 value)
    • Copper includes one free blog tour. ($100 value)
    • Brass includes two free blog tours/year for 2 years. ($400 value)
  • 50% Discount on Steampunk blog tours through The Refinery
  • 50% Discount on copy-editing through The Refinery ($.0025/word). This includes reading for errors of grammar, punctuation, and tense, and to suggest alternatives to strengthen word choices/voice and replace repetitive phrases. (On a 100k book this would be a $250 value)
  • 50% off print formatting through The Refinery ($25 value)
  • 25% off coded e-book formatting through The Refinery ($25 value)
  • 25% off book covers, ads/memes, and bookmark design through Just Publish It Already.
    • For instance, a full cover for e-book + wraparound for print would be about $71 (save $24).Even if you already have a book cover, matching ads and bookmarks are only $15 each (save $5)
  • 25% off hand-drawn design elements such as logos and emblems, and have your artwork printed to a variety of products offered through Steampunk Parliament.

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Find out more about the Network’s Partners


  • Beta-read and review member’s books, and get their feedback and reviews on your books. Beta readers have access to templates and other guidance to help them give constructive feedback.
  • Participate in book launch parties (live and digital), interviews, guest posts, and other partnerships facilitated by NOIS.
  • Members may have their books reviewed on Steampunk Journal by Phoebe Darqueling or a guest blogger, but this is only guaranteed for Brass members.
  • Member meet-ups at conventions.
  • Join our list of Partners by offering discounts to members and find clients through the Network. Find out more.
  • At the end of the first year and if funds are available, NOIS will publish and market an anthology of short stories written by members, and all members are welcome to submit stories for consideration.


What’s it cost: $200/year ($17/month)

You think this all sounds great, but you’d like a chance to get your books directly into the hands of your most likely customers? Maybe you really like the sound of a blog tour, and you want to get one included with your fee? Check out the Copper level.

Or, fill out an interest form to find out more!

*Beta-reading includes one round of feedback. Choose when to submit your story for beta review wisely. NOIS reserves the right to set the beta-reading schedule, but will make due effort to reply to all requests in a timely manner. NOIS also reserves the right to exclude books from group marketing efforts if they don’t reach our standards of punctuation, grammar, and formatting. If a book needs further editing, members have the option to take advantage of the discounted services offered through NOIS, but this is by no means required. Member’s books can be re-submitted as many times as it takes for them to reach NOIS quality standards and receive the Splendid Seal.