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The Steampunk Handbook

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The Steampunk Handbook is a collection of articles by Steampunk author and lecturer, Phoebe Darqueling. It covers topics such as the history of steam power, the philosophical roots of punk and punk literature as a whole, and the history and evolution of the Steampunk fandom. In addition, you will find information about the historical and cultural underpinnings behind twelve of the most popular tropes in Steampunk. Get your FREE Copy now!

Riftmaker: A Steampunk Portal Fantasy

Save his boy, uncover a conspiracy, and master opposable thumbs—a dog’s work is never done.

Buddy’s favorite thing is curling up for a nap at the foot of Ethan’s bed. Then he stumbles through a portal to a clockwork city plagued by chimeras, and everything changes… Well, not everything. Sure, his new human body comes with magic powers, but he’d still rather nap than face the people of Excelsior, who harbor both desire and fear when it comes to “the other side.”

He discovers Ethan followed him through the portal and underwent his own transformation, and it becomes Buddy’s doggone duty to save him. Buddy finds unlikely allies in an aristocrat with everything on the line, a mechanic with something to hide, and a musician willing to do anything to protect her. Using a ramshackle flying machine, the group follows the chimeras deep into the forest and uncovers a plot that could reshape the worlds on both sides of the rift.

Coming Feb 14, 2019 and available for pre-order on Amazon and other book distributors. 

Short Story Anthologies/Collaborative Fiction

Army of Brass – Collaborative Steampunk Novel

Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales – Steampunk Fairy Tale Anthology

Chasing Magic – Fantasy Short Story Anthology