Why Join a Network?

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One of the glorious things about Steampunk is that it’s powered by passion. Independent writers, artists, and makers put their blood, sweat, and steam into creating this most glorious of fandoms. The only downside of Steampunk’s DIY roots is that is can be tough for these entrepreneurs to reach their target audience when they are operating on a small scale.

The goal of the Network of Indie Steampunks is to bring people together to pool our resources, extend our reach, and support each other’s creative efforts. Members of NOIS will have opportunities to connect with each other, swap reviews and beta-reading, capitalize on our collective expertise, and gain the chance to participate in group marketing efforts at conventions. NOIS has negotiated group rates on a variety of services which will allow members of the Network to exceed our individual efforts on behalf of us all.


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What do your fees pay for?

• Group ad artwork and distribution (online and print), including shipping postcards to members for local distribution.
• Recruitment efforts to help the Network grow, including printing business cards and other promotional materials to enhance our credibility and reach.
• Investment in software to make distribution and social media (Hootsuite, etc.), and tracking of sales, run smoothly for customers and members.
• Shipping costs for goodies sent to Brass members from conventions.
• Publishing costs of member anthology
• My time and effort at a steep discount for beta-reading, compiling newsletter, facilitating blog tours and partnerships, writing marketing, distributing and schedule marketing copy and other valuable content for each member. Taxes for all NOIS incomes come out of my earnings.