Gearing up to Offer Steampunk Blog Tours for Indie Authors!


Steampunk Blog Tours: $100 or become a Member of NOIS to get one FREE

To check availability, e-mail TheRefinery [@]

Unlike The Refinery’s other services, we are only offering blog tours for Steampunk books at this time. Our list of Partner websites is growing all the time, and they are hungry to fill their blogs with content relating to Steampunk books. The Refinery manages the content distribution and scheduling so you don’t have to waste your valuable writing time reaching out to people one by one. Blog tours are a great way to build buzz surrounding a new release, and the more different sites that host content related to your books, the more likely your target audience will find you.

Find out more about becoming a Member of the Network of Indie Steampunks for discounts and FREE tours.

The Refinery

What’s included:

  • A minimum of four tour stops including Steampunk Journal and The Pandora Society, but more than likely 6+ stops. (If fewer than three Partners express interest in your book, you will receive a refund and the tour will be cancelled.)
  • A press release and marketing copy created for your book and distributed to Partner websites in addition to the content provided by the author.
  • One meme created with your consultation. This could be a quote from your book, a line from a rave review, or a “quotable quote” by the author about reading, writing, or Steampunk.
    • All of the graphics on were created by the same person who would be making your meme. The Refinery has tons of graphic resources to fit the mood of any quote.

All content generated by the author and The Refinery and distributed for the blog tour will get a line-by-line edit for punctuation, spelling, and grammar. In addition to the content and giveaways hosted on Partner websites, links to that content will be posted on the newsfeed for sites such Airship Ambassador, Steampunk Empire and the Steampunk Writers and Artists Guild, as well as Facebook groups where your target audience can be found. The Refinery will coordinate the posts across multiple websites over several weeks to maximize the impact of your release.

What you must provide:

The blog tour Partners opt-in to each blog tour on an individual basis depending on the type of content available and their own schedules and needs. Your fee guarantees a minimum of four stops, but most likely more. No one wants to just be posting the same exact thing as everyone else, so it is up to the author to provide a variety of content related to their book and to make themselves available for interviews. For instance, authors seeking reviews would need to provide a copy of their book in advance to allow the reviewer time to read it.

Here’s just a few options, but Partners are open to other creative tie-ins:

  • Exclusive excerpts and/or the first chapter
  • Character profiles and artwork
  • Interviews
  • Guest post on a topic related to your book
  • Cover art reveals
  • Giveaways
  • Reviews
  • Memes

When a blog tour is scheduled, deadlines are set for both the Refinery and the author to meet to create the content to make the blog tour diverse and successful. Once the author commits to which types of blog tour stops they’d like to offer, Partners are contacted.

Copy-editing is included for all blog tour content, and final versions are sent to the author to use in their independent marketing efforts after the tour is complete.

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