Copper – Even MORE Marketing and Writing Support


Who will want this:

Creators who want the benefits of the Iron membership, as well as a free blog tour and bigger discounts on certain services.

What you get in addition to lower tier benefits:

  • Beta-reading on up to 300k words of content instead of 100k words. ($600 additional value)
  • One free blog tour ($100 value) in addition to 50% off additional tours planned in the same 12-month period. ($50 value per blog tour)
  • Get one month of advertising on the homepage of the Steampunk Journal for any Steampunk book, website, organization, or other Steampunk thing of the your choosing. ($100 value)

How much does it cost: $300/year ($25/month)

And by now, you’re probably thinking “Zounds! What a splendid deal.” You can get all of these benefits for two years Brass level!