Meet our Partners

NOIS has brought together an incredible list of Partners to offer services and products at a discount to its members, and to help creative entrepreneurs find clients and content.


The Refinery is a partnership between freelance editors Crystal Burton and Alison Weaverdyck. We met while working for the same small publisher in 2016, but after it closed its doors we’ve come together to offer literary services to independent creators at reasonable rates. Find out more.

just-publish-it-already-bannerOver at Just Publish It Already, Laura Callendar is offering discounts on cover design. She primarily uses photographs and beautiful typography in her designs, and will work with you as long as it takes for you to be happy with the results. Plus, she’s extended her 25% on cover art to ads and bookmark designs, so even if you’ve already got a cover you love, you can give it a new lease on life as part of an eye-catching piece of promotional material.

17092292_10100217877888232_762971525_nSteampunk Parliament is both a blog tour Partner and a Steampunk artist offering discounts on hand-drawn design elements and book covers. At NOIS, we thought there would be lots of Steampunks who would like her quirky style. Bess Goden can also put your logo or emblem onto a variety of products such as pendants and charms.


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Airship Ambassador

Airship Ambassador logo
Airship Ambassador

Airship Ambassador is the steampunk community’s leading and longest running news and information resource website, sharing links to all aspects of steampunk creativity in a daily news feed, along with weekly interviews with established and upcoming authors, artists, musicians and more. The creator, Kevin Steil, also runs The Steampunk Museum website, and the annual global blogathon, Steampunk Hands Around the World. He is also a media/entertainment consultant, and a guest and speaker at conventions.

Cogpunk Steamscribe

The Pandora Society – The International Steampunk Symposium blog


Radio RetroFuture (blog) and Radio RetroFuture (YouTube channel)


Smith and Skarry – by Penny Blake

Smith and Skarry
Steampunk interviews, reviews and tea-fuelled adventures from Penny Blake

Steampunk Cavaliers

Steampunk Cavaliers
Steampunk Cavaliers

The Steampunk Cavaliers is a collective of steampunk authors and creators who have come together to share everything they love about the genre. Featuring a mix of scholarly articles about steampunk and the Victorian era, reviews, and cosplay tips, the Steampunk Cavaliers are always looking for new steampunk projects to feature.

 You can find them @SteamCav or at



Steampunk Journal has been bringing fans the latest reviews and news from around the Steampun-o-sphere for years, and is the world’s most-visited Steampunk magazine on the web. NOIS members get to see their books on the Journal as part of the Steampunk Writes/Steampunk Reads program, as well as the possibility for reviews and other blog tours.