Fairy Tale Friday: Spotlight on Thomas Gregory, a Fairy Tales Punk’d Author

Welcome back fairy tale fans! I’ve got another author spotlight for you today from my new anthology project, Fairy Tales Punk’d.

What is the title of your story in Fairy Tales Punk’d? Tell us a little about it! 

Black Dog, Wild Wood is the story of a race to the death across a post apocalyptic landscape between the Prince of the Western Road and the living curse that haunts his family, the Fell Rider.

Did you start with an existing story and punk it, or create something from scratch? Did you discover any cool resources along the way?

The story is based off of a Welsh Romani story called “The Black Dog of the Wild Forest.” I originally found it in the Internet Sacred Text Archive. I knew I wanted to do something unconventional rather than one of the more common fairy tale writers/recorders like Anderson, Perrault, or the Grimms, and the archive was a great reference.

This story was both a bit of a blessing and a curse as the narrative (and many of the Romani tales I found ) were looser and more abstract than most readers are generally used to so there was both a lot of leeway and a lot of filling in that needed to be done. 

Have you always been interested in fairy tales, or was this your first time working in the mythpunk genre? 

*looks at the bookshelf of fairytale collections* Nope. 

Have you dabbled in any of the punk sub-genres before?

I’ve published a number of punk stories before, the most recent being the steampunk themed “The Queen of Clocks” from Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales, and the dieselpunk “The Death of Koschei 1178” in Harvey Duckman Presents: Volume 4. They were based off of “The Miller’s Boy and the Queen of Cats” and the Russian tales of Koschei the Deathless respectively.

What is your absolute favorite genre to write and why?

I don’t really have a favorite genre to write. Certainly cyberpunk has been one of the biggest influences on my writing, however, both thematically and stylistically. 

Where can people find out more about you and your previous writings?

You can follow me on Twitter (@gregorypizzino) and Facebook (@thomasgregoryofficial). All of my books are currently available on Amazon and many can be requested from your local independent bookseller if they do special orders. I also host and produce the bizarre film podcast Cinema Guano with my wife and fellow writer Crysta K. Coburn, available on most podcasting platforms. 

Intrigued? Come on over to the campaign page for Fairy Tales Punk’d until October 19 to get in on the action!

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