Fairy Tales Punk’d is now LIVE on Kickstarter! (We’ve got some amazing rewards for you)

Greetings fairy tale fans!

Last year at this time, I ran a Kickstarter campaign for Cogs, Crowns, & Carriages and Gears, Ghouls, & Gauges. But even before I took over production of those books, I was already planning a volume of punk’d fairy tales. Many of the Steampunk anthology authors returned, plus new faces joined the party.

I am a huge fan of what is collectively known as “mythpunk,” even before I published my gothic horror rendition of Pinocchio in The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales. So it was only a matter of time before I got around to putting out a volume of my own. I selected and edited the stories, designed the cover and graphics, and this snazzy 1.25″ fairypunk pin for the campaign. The campaign will run from now until Oct. 19, with special, lower prices only through Sept 27. (Visit the campaign page for reward tiers and prices.)

The call for subs was simple: any fairy tale or myth tradition mashed up with any punk sub-genre. And I was not disappointed!

What will you find in Fairy Tales Punk’d?

“Making Bones” by Phoebe Darqueling – Cinderella is tired of being a cleaner for her mob family and jumps at the chance to finally get revenge for past wrongs.

“Star Tsarina” by TJ O’Hare – On what should be a routine mission gathering intel on a dwarf planet, a woman encounters something below the surface that offers insights into her own special abilities.

“Steel-blue Babe” by Aaron Isett – Through hard work and ingenuity, young Paul Bunyan grows into a legend.

“The Sharp, Mechanical Sheep” by K.M. Gray – A princess tries to gain freedom from her wicked stepmother and finds help in an unlikely place.

“The Girl in the Tower” by A.F. Stewart – A re-imagining of the Rapunzel story full of dark secrets and betrayal.

“Hoods and Wolves” by Briant Laslo – Long after the world fell to the machines, an agent of the Hoods is on her way to Grandmother’s bunker.

“The Great Astrolabe of Einsem” by K.A. Lindstrom – The children of Einsem begin to disappear just as the machine at the heart of village begins to malfunction.

“Liberty” by Crysta K. Coburn – When her evil stepfather plots to steal her inheritance, Liberty flees to the big city on her motorcycle. (Read an interview with Crysta)

“A Saturnine, a Martial, and a Mercurial Lunatic” by Amber Michelle Cook – A re-imagining of the Jabberwocky poem as a hunting expedition on a distant planet.

“The Second Mission of Azarbad the Aeronaut” by J. Woolston Carr – During the Crimean War, an accused spy is spared from execution each night by divulging the secret mission of Azarbad the Aeronaut.

“Black Dog, Wild Wood” by Thomas Gregory – In humanity’s twilight days, the Prince of the Western Road must race for his life against his family’s curse, the Fell Rider.

“Mirror in her Hand” by Liz Tuckwell – A private eye in Los Angeles searches for a missing girl on behalf of her beautiful but dangerous stepmother.

“Wound” by Paul Hiscock – The Clockwork Kingdom sleeps, awaiting the day when their kidnapped princess is returned to them.

AND illustrations by Audra Miller, Nathan Lueth, Tom Brown, and J. Woolston Carr.

Visit the campaign page for reward tiers and prices.

In addition to the collection itself, we will also have additional short stories and comics by our contributors available on a limited basis. Plus, many books from my own catalog in e-book and print at lower than retail prices.

To celebrate the campaign, I’ll be interviewing some of the authors for my Fairy Tale Friday series. The first interview is already up, and starting 9/25 I’ll be featuring another author every week until the campaign ends in October.

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