I’ve got my Schedule for TeslaCon Panels!

I am SO excited for TeslaCon coming up in Madison, WI Nov 14-17! It is one of my regular speaking gigs, and it is always a delight. And this year is going to be especially awesome because it is the 10th anniversary.

Here’s my lecture schedule for the event:

Guilty by Gaslamp – Detectives and Criminals of the Steam Era at 6:30pm-7:30PM Thursday November 14th, in Pullman Car 2 auditorium.

In this talk, I will be telling people about the real and fictional figures who shaped the detective genre birthed in the 19th century.

A History of The Orient Express at 4:00pm-5:00PM Friday November 15th, in Pullman Car 2 auditorium.

The theme of the con is “Murder on the Orient Express” and it takes the larpers from country to country along the route. The real Orient Express changed over time and had several different versions, so we’ll take a look at how this historic train line evolved and the various luxuries available on board.

Va-Va-Victorian Burlesque Panel/Performance at 10:00-11:00PM Friday November 15th (location TBA)

I am super excited for this panel now that I did research on steam era burlesque for Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Mistress of None #2). It will be one part lecture and one part performance by several people. I am going to do Oom Pah Pah from Oliver, including a sing-a-long for the audience.

Plus, I’ll have a booth for selling books (including the Cogs, Crowns & Carriages and Gears, Ghouls, & Gauges anthologies!) and connecting with people all weekend long! There are still tickets available, so find out more about TeslaCon. 

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