I Can’t Make it to the Symposium This Year

I’ve been planning on this year’s appearance at the International Steampunk Symposium since last year’s event. A few weeks after it was over, The Mister found the listing for his dream job. This was exciting news, but also the biggest monkey wrench that could have been thrown into my own plans. Still, I thought it would work out that I could travel back from Germany for the con and be able to promote Army of Brass and Steampunk Journal, but the gods of bureaucrats have a different idea.

The short version of my tale is that if I leave Germany in April with my current immigration status, I can’t come back for three months. As much as I love couch-surfing, 90 days away from home is not an option. So, with a heavy heart, I have to cancel my next appearance and set of talks this Spring. My hope is to turn my “So You Want to be a Mad Scientist” lecture into a couple articles for the Journal, so don’t forget to subscribe there to make sure you get the info.

Good luck and well wishes to all who get to be in Cincinnati at ISS!

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