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My latest advice article has been posted to Our Write Side! Here’s a little taste:

January is the season of goal-setting. The new year is a convenient place to begin new routines, though there really is no BAD time to start setting goals. I’ll wax poetic on the power of deadlines in a minute, but there are plenty of articles about the “should” of goal-setting without much guidance on the how or why of it all.

Events like NaNoWriMo use word count as their metric to keep you battling to the end. In truth, there are plenty of different ways to achieve “success” that fit with your individual work style and ultimate goals for your writing. Speed may not be the most important thing if you’re at a point in your writing journey where craft is key. But whether you want to make a living from your books or you just want to prove you have that novel in you, there are several ways to measure success and use goals to get you there.

Read the full article on Our Write Side

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