No Rest for the Wicked – Chapter 17 Teaser

“I’m going back to New Orleans,” she interrupted, her words clipped.

“No, you’re not,” Peter vowed. “I’m not going to let your greed—”

Vi shook her head and took a step toward him. “It’s not about the money.”

“—or your pride get you into trouble. Not again. Look where it’s gotten you just today!” He indicated the poker game with a broad sweep of his arms.

Her voice was quiet, but her eyes spoke volumes. “That’s not why I have to go.” She paused to take a deep breath, then the words tumbled out. “I have to make this all right, Peter. With you, with these things I can do.”

“You of all people know you don’t have to do anything. Everything’s a choice.”

“I may not have always welcomed my abilities, so I won’t claim to be an expert,” she replied. “But, I don’t believe you will be able to rest until you get to the bottom of who killed you and why. And frankly, neither will I. Who’s in a better position than me to find out for both of us?”

“You’re just saying all of this because you’re losing,” he accused, crossing his arms and turning away from her earnest face. “You want me to help you win a pile of money off these guys. This has nothing to do with me.” The fog inside his body began to swirl in agitation, but his voice was soft. “It never has.”

The allegation stung, but it wasn’t more than she deserved.

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