Calling all Steampunk Short Story Writers – The CWC WANTS YOU!

As the Army of Brass draws to a close, we at the Collaborative Writing Challenge are turning our eyes to the horizon. In addition to showcasing the people who write chapters for the novel, our releases also feature a short story competition. We are a volunteer organization that donates 10% of our earnings to charity, so we ask that participants donate $5 to help get Army of Brass, and the accompanying short story, out into the world.

Here’s the basic idea, but you can get all the details at the CWC website.

Deadline: August 31, 2017

Who can submit: Anyone. You don’t need to have been a contributor to Army of Brass to enter.

Word count: Between 2500-3500 words. It must be a self-contained short story, and it must be in the Steampunk genre. (This, of course, covers a wide range of topics. Check out my definition of Steampunk on the homepage below the meme for guidance.)

They will award prizes to the first and second place submissions.

FInd out more



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