Claudia Blood Shares her Top 5 Favorite Time Travel Movies for LitCon 2021

LitCon 2021 is happening this weekend! It’s a chance for authors to share about their wonderful creations and readers to find their new favorite book. Come on over to the Facebook event page to catch all the livestreams and replays. You can also explore our authors at the LitCon website’s “virtual booth” section.

My guest today is Claudia Blood, penner of time travel tales. So without further ado, heeeeeee’re Claudia!

I picked movies that I distinctly remember the time travel aspect AND time travel or it’s consequences  were instrumental to what I enjoyed about the movie. 

Feel free to comment about any time travel movies that you would have chosen and why. Maybe I haven’t seen them yet. 🙂

#5 Ice Pirates

Yes, I know it’s not really a time travel movie, but hear me out. This makes the list because of the speed up time sequence. Everyone gets older by years in seconds. It’s quite funny seeing them get older and trying to fight the robots in the end sequence. It was the son of the main characters that ends up saving the day when everyone else got too old to fight. 

The long hair is what I remember the most which was only possible with the faster time. Once they play out the future, they do jump back to the moment they entered into the protection around the water planet.

#4 – Looper

This is number four because of the interesting concepts the movie used with time. I loved that there was a older and younger version of the same person in the same timeline. I really liked the recognition of the patterns that happen with overlapping time… the mother dies to protect the kid, who lives to avenge the mom, which takes out the woman that the man goes back to try save by killing the kid. Repeat!

I was also intrigued by the way the Old Joe started getting new memories from the changes that happened in the current timeline. And how he fought it!

But, there were some super creepy parts, like what happens to the older you if the younger you is caught by the mob.  Gah.

And, I am generally a happy ending kind of gal. The ending made total sense for the movie. How else do you break that cycle? I wished the end could have wrapped up differently.

#3 Star Trek IV – AKA “The Bring Back the Whales Movie”

Not only do I like time travel, but I like fish-out-of-water moments in movies. The crews’ clueless interactions in the 80’s are hilarious.

I still giggle every time I hear ‘Nuclear Wessels’. But by far, my favorite part is Scotty and the ‘computer’ scene.

#2 Back to the Future

This has some great fish-out-of-water scenes. How they handled the impact of time travel was great. I loved how different things were in the family when Marty ‘fixed’ his accidental disruption of his parents meeting. I also liked how the story of how his parents met was not exactly as it seemed. Of course my favorite scene is the skateboard scene. 

#1 Terminator

This is still one of my favorite movies. I love Sarah’s arc from weak waitress to kick-butt killer of terminators. 

I also loved the tragic love story between Kyle and Sara and how the picture played into the story. The fun make-you-think time travel aspects of it were amazing – having to send your own dad back to die or you are never born was a great twist.

The other part, and maybe I got this from the book, that the terminator was looking for a pin in Sarah’s leg that she only got after that last fight scene with him. How ironic. 

This was just all and all a great movie.

That was my list what do you think? What would you add to my list?

Claudia chose this topic because none of the events in Company Assassin, the first book in the Relic Trilogy, would have happened without time travel. 

Relic Trilogy

Book 1: Company Assassin: He’s an orphan recruited by assassins facing tech-eating demons. Can he uncover the truth before it claims his life?  

Book 2: Horizon Found: He saved the orphanage. But his enemies are circling. One wrong move and everything he loves will disintegrate.

Book 3: Time Rift:  With time coming apart at the seams, they have to sacrifice the impossible. Will they destroy innocence to save the world?

Award-winning author Claudia Blood blends her science and IT background with a life-long passion for Dungeons and Dragons to pen both Sci-fi and fantasy novels.

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