Are You a Sci-Fi Writer? Come and Join a LitCon Panel!

Hello scribes!

LitCon will run Mar 5-7, and we’ve got tons of fun events for Sci-Fi writers to share their books and their thoughts on Sci-Fi with potential readers. Some of our panels are already full, but here are the ones you can still join. (And panels are FREE!)

You can mosey on over to the Event Sign Up/Shop on the LitCon website to register for the convention and sign up for events. (Even the free ones go through the shop function.) Authors get a free virtual book booth in addition to the chance to participate in events and meet new readers.  And don’t forget to check out the All Genres category, where you can find Cover Wars, get an awesome recording of an excerpt recorded, and check out our business/marketing workshops for authors.

Live Events

Worldbuilding Panels

Our talented Sci-Fi authors come together for a discussion on how they built the worlds of their books and what readers will find there. Offered 4 different times over the weekend. There’s still room in all four time slots. Find out more.

Artificial Intelligence Panel

March 5th at 4 pm EST/ 9 pm GMT/ March 6th 8 am AEDT

Join other authors to discuss artificial intelligence in your own work and beyond. Sign up now. (3 spots left!)

Building Better Aliens

Mar 5 6PM EST/11PM GMT/Mar 7 10AM AEDT

All too often the aliens in science fiction are either humans with bad nose jobs or make no sense biologically. This panel will explore the science and logic of making realistic alien species for use in science fiction. What do you chaps think? (Limit 5)  Sign up now.

Pity You Can’t Publish It: Remastering Fan Fic Panel

March 5th 8PM EST / March 6th 1AM GMT / 12PM AEDT

So you’ve written a great fan fic but you know it’s a dead end because of copyright or is it. Tricks and ways that a fan fic can be cut up and re-mastered into an ‘original’ work. Sign up now. (Limit 5)

Weapons and Armor

March 6, 5PM EST,10PM GMT/March 7th, 9AM AEDT

An examination of the historical and ongoing technological race between weapons and the equipment that makes them obsolete. (Limit 5) Sign up now. 

Steampunk: Don’t Just Stick a Cog on It (Please!) Panel

Mar 6 @9:30PM EST/Mar 7 1:30PM AEDT

Steampunk curious? Join Australian steampunk author, Karen J Carlisle, as she discusses steampunk and its many sub-genres, creating your own steampunk world, and what the ‘punk’ really means. (2 spots left!) Sign up now.

Weekend-long Events

If enough people sign up, we will have Cover Wars for people to vote on their favorites. Winners receive a Business Fundamentals for Authors e-book and a special badge to display on their website and/or book cover.

There are also opportunities to have a pro record a snippet from your book that will air during the convention. Costs vary by reader. See the offerings here. 

Blog Hops

Join your fellow authors in writing posts about particular topics of interest. Bloggers can sign up to be hosts. There is a $3 fee for blog hops that goes toward promotion.

Top 5’s – count down your favorite aliens, superpowers, or anything else you want in the sci-fi genre.

Apocalypse Wow – if you write about the end of the world, we want to read about it! Write a post talking about your unique ending for the world as we know it.

Beyond Earth – Do you create new planets? Or send people on multi-generational journeys through space? Join this blog hop to showcase your work that takes us off planet and beyond.

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