An Interview with Kacey from Dauntless by Tom Atwood, Jr.

I’ve got a treat for you today, an introduction to the main character of Tom Atwood, Jr.’s Dauntless. Take it away!

Welcome, one and all, to another issue of Mystic Marty’s Merry Match of Magic and Mayhem. We here at 5M are here to bring you the latest in news, weather and sports for the magical community. Today’s guest is a doozy. 5M has managed to get their hands on the woman, the myth, the legend. Kacey Alexander , the youngest woman to ever be a trainee in the Sentinel program. And you should see her folks, this woman is five foot nothing of feral fury! She’s got a glare that can melt steel and a smile that will make your sons stand up and take notice! Ladies and gentleman, Kacey Alexander!

Kacey: Um, thanks.

Marty: So Kacey, 18 years old and trying for the most dangerous job in the magic community. What led to such an unusual decision?

Kacey: I was tired of having my friends and family putting themselves out there to help me while I stood on the sidelines. There’s been a few…incidents and I wanted to stand on my own two feet. I need to be able to defend myself and those I care about.

Marty: Very noble. So tell me, Miss Alexander, what do you think your greatest asset is?

Kacey: Well, I’m not much compared to my friends but I think that my best asset is my determination. If I put my mind to something, it gets done.

Marty: Interesting. Now tell me, you were born and raised among humans. What’s your first impression of our little community ?

Kacey: Well my first encounter with magic was a vampire attack, so initial impressions were a bit…intense.

Marty: Is that so? Tell me, how did you feel during.

Kacey: There wasn’t really time to “feel” anything. I just had to act, you know? If I didn’t, then I would have been a midnight snack for a leech.

Marty: Well I’m glad you made it out in one piece. So tell me, what’s the most important thing in your life?

Kacey: My family, definitely. It’s just been me and my dad for a few years and his opinion means the world to me. I want to be able to live up to his example and be the kind of person that Dad approves of and that my mother would have been proud of.

Marty: Well I’m sure he is extremely proud of you. So tell me, you’ve been seen around a very strapping young man who goes by the name…Aidan, I believe. Please, tell me you’re not going to break the hearts of my readers by telling me this Aidan took you off the market. Are you two together?

Kacey: We’re… I’m not sure what we are, to be honest. It’s complicated.

Marty: Young love always is. So tell me, what was the most defining moment in your life?

Kacey: My Mother’s death.

Marty: Can you tell me about that?

Kacey: We were…we were skating out on the middle of a lake. I went to where the ice was thin. It broke and I fell in the lake. Mom…mom didn’t think. She just dove in and pulled me out. She…she never made it out.

Marty: I am so sorry. Tell me, do you ever feel responsible for her death?

Kacey: This interview is over.

Well I seem to have touched a bit of a nerve, dear readers! Still, I hope you enjoyed my interview with Kacey Alexander , the new spitfire of the Sentinels. Join me next week when I interview Madame Mileena and her trio of talking snakes. It’sss sure to be a sssatisfying interview. My name is Marty and we here at 5M will see you next time!

You can find out what happens to Kacey starting March 18 in Dauntless by Tom Atwood Jr from the following retailers.

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