Fairy Tale Friday: Queen Mab Character Spotlight Guest Post by Rebekah Jonesy

Shakespeare saw Mab as a tiny fairy that was the midwife of the fairies. In my Mab’s Doll series, I took a broader approach. She is one of the Queens of the Fae, and also a midwife to the fae. One of the first to be created by Danu she is part of the Aos Si, the fae created by the goddess Danu and her consort the sky god that has no name. The Aos Si were created from pure magic and as such are pure themselves so they can also use the creation magic like their parents, which means they can create new lifeforms and peoples.

As the midwife to their entire people, Mab is very protective and cares deeply about them. Being the queen only heightens that sense of responsibility. Which makes her the perfect candidate to create a doll that she will pour her life and magic into so she can save her lost people.

Once Gillian is alive, Mab quickly realizes that she is stronger than she expected. Even though she was made with human blood, the clay body she started as was formed and blessed by Danu’s hands. A new Aos Si, made from pure creation magic and still immature, Gillian runs the risk of losing control of her own creation powers. In order not to influence her, and to allow her daughter to mature in her own way, Mab has to leave her daughter alone in the hands of the only person in the Underhill without magic of his own. Her good friend, and the blood father of Gillian, Ardan Gilchrist.

Queen Mab can only wait and pray, learning the pain of so many other mothers, watching her child grow up without her.

But Gillian, on her own, finds a way to stay in contact with her mother, even after she has left the Underhill and the Islands. In the first book of the series, Gillian mirror mates two books, and sends on to the Shadow Court for her mother and Queen to read. What is written in one book shows in the other. And in book two, Clay and Blood, Queen Mab has the chance to be a mother to her daughter. Just when Gillian needs motherly advice the most.

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(Featured Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Mab)

Thanks for stopping by Rebekah! And if you’re interested in finding out more about Book 1, Moss and Clay, check out my review. For next week’s Fairy Tale Friday, I’ll be reviewing Book 2, Clay and Blood.

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