Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Writing Guest Posts?

My latest article for Our Write Side has tons of info for both people who want to be guest writers and those who may want to host them. If you’ve never considered it, here’s the skinny on How to Do Guest Posts Like a Boss.

I really enjoy writing for other blogs, and not just Steampunk Journal and Our Write Side. During the blog tour for Army of Brass, I had the chance to write posts I never would have thought to write otherwise. I learned about the early days of automatons and profiles steam-age murderesses. Plus, I hopped between several blogs talking about Steampunk’s history. Here’s a few places to find my guest posts from that tour:

Prim & Proper? Not These Steam Age Murderesses by Phoebe Darqueling

A Swimming Swan, a Defecating Duck, and other Amazing Avian Automatons

What’s in a Name? Steampunk Before “Steampunk”

Steampunk: The First 10 Years

Steampunk: The Second Decade

Steampunk: The Last 10 Years

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