Fairy Tale Friday: Join the Blog Tour for Glass and Ashes

For this week’s tribute to the world of fairy tales, I’ve got an opportunity for my fellow bloggers.

Glass & Ashes is a new anthology of stories reimagining Cinderella that is coming out this fall. I’ve been making graphics for their marketing efforts, and the quotes have me super excited to read the collection! Here’s a little taste:

I’ll share some more quotes and graphics as the release date approaches, but I can tell you there’s some delightful darkness, some sweet and steamy romance, and plenty of surprises in store. I’ve signed up for the blog tour, and you can, too.

If you want to review the book, host a guest post, do an interview, post the release announcement or cover reveal, head on over to this form. If you’ve never considered all the benefits of hosting guest posts before, I laid it all out in a recent article for OWS. The blog tour will take place between Oct. 25-Dec. 6, and you’ll get everything you need well in advance of your assigned date.

I started to write a story for this anthology, but I didn’t make it in time for the deadline. But I recently finished it and I’m getting “Making Bones” ready to submit to a Dieselpunk anthology! Stay tuned to future Fairy Tale Fridays for a look at the Cinderella source material and things that Disney left out.

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