I’m a Finalist in the #PitProm Query Contest

I recently decided to get back onto the Twitter wagon after a hiatus. Hashtag games for sharing lines are a lot of fun, and there are plenty of query contests out there to help writers find representation. Only a few days after I hopped back on to said wagon, I discovered the #pitprom contest. It was only for Sci-Fi and Fantasy manuscripts, and with my queries winding down for No Rest for the Wicked, the timing was perfect.

The first 200 people to submit a 140-character pitch, query letter, and first 10 pages entered the competition. From there, the “council of wordsmiths” chose the top 12 from both genres and assigned us each a mentor from the biz. This could be an agent, editor, or author, and their job was to help us workshop our query materials before they were posted for agents and publishers. The author who gets the most requests is crowned “king” or “queen.” (Thus the “prom” part of #pitprom)

Now, you can find all of the amazing query packages on the #PitProm website, or skip straight to No Rest for the Wicked. The first two chapters are there in FULL, so stop on by to get a sneak peek at my tale of a reluctant medium forced into the fray when her past comes back to haunt her…literally.


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