The Birth of ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ – Guest Post by Crime Author Barbara Tyree

My newest book, Dangerous Liaisons, came out on July 9. If you like crime thrillers, this is the book for you! You can find reviews on the other blog tour stops, but here’s a little taste:

Never before has Special Agent Sierra Lancaster dreaded an assignment. She and her partner must go undercover to investigate a drug-dealing operation in her hometown, which puts her face to face with those she left behind, including the love of her life. They want to know what happened to her, but they’ll get far more than answers when Sierra returns to Lexington.

Many people have asked me how I come up with the idea for my novel. I have been blessed so far as ideas for my novels seem to come easily for me; now that’s not to say writing a novel is easy, there is more to writing a novel than putting words together to form sentences.

Storytelling involves more than setting the scenes, getting the perfect “hook” drawing the reader into your web, intriguing him or her to keep turning those pages. Believability – as writers we want our readers to believe what we wrote, that “yes, this could happen.” To do this we need to research and research and this is what I did for certain information in Dangerous Liaisons.

I visited the Federal Bureau of Investigation website several times as some of my characters are FBI agents. I have several books on police procedure and forensics and prescription drugs as well as street drugs. My research took me to the world of stalking and obsession and prescription drug addiction.

This all may seem boring but it is necessary. Who wants to read a book that is so far-fetched? Certainly not me. And so my friends, this is the story of a writer’s life as they write the story that sings in their head: research.

Happy Reading!

Barbara Tyree

You can find Dangerous Liaisons on Amazon, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital now!

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