Check out the Urban Fantasy “Villain Crawl” Starting Today!

As a part of Our Write Side’s contribution to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention (B2BCyCon), I organized a blog hop for Urban Fantasy writers. Our theme was a “Villain Crawl” to give them a chance to introduce their antagonists. It was great to meet so many authors (not to mention their villains!)

Check out their posts to find your next Urban Fantasy read

Author Tiffany Apan on My Haven on this Desolate Terrain
A 19th century Romanian aristocrat who takes pleasure in seeing those beneath him suffer…
Author Rebekah Jonesy on Heart Strong
Leucosia, siren daughter of Achelous, is sick. And very hungry. With her health deteriorating she is forced to subsist on the softest human flesh, but she has a plan.
Author Debbie Manber Kupfer on Paws 4 Thought
Alistair is a werewolf seeking justice. When his mentor sends him on his first mission he knows who the victim must be.
Author Susanne Leist on Susanne Leist
A human vampire steals Linda’s heart. He taunts and teases her, but will she succumb to his desires?
Author K. Matt on Welcome to Hell Bent
Three brief interviews with three different villains: a genetically-altered serial killer, a centuries-old, supreme luddite of a mage, and a cyborg/arms dealer.
Author Anastasia Poirier on Anastasia Poirier Author and Editor
My main antagonist is Ecrin. Her villainous path is a bit ambiguous. She’s good and she’s bad…but the why remains to be revealed. Mostly, she’s misunderstood and she’s acting out of desperation. I modeled her appearance after Tilda Swinton’s character in The Only Lovers Left Alive.
Author Aziza Sphinx from on Aziza Sphinx Into the Dark
My name is Emiliano Ortega. I didn’t ask to be a paw in Truth’s game yet here I am playing the Reaper when all I want to do is sleep.
Author Maaja Wentz on Maaja Wentz
Necromancers are the unsung heroes of the undead world in FEEDING FRENZY. Find out why you should worship the fungus among us when the Entity rises!

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