My First Visit to the Anachronistic Speakeasy

Back in March, Bonsart Bokel invited me to a roundtable discussion with fellow podcaster Eric Fisk. On his website, The Fedora Chronicles, Eric posted an article entitled Requiem for Steampunk, and it got a lot of responses. The three of us have a long chat about the state of Steampunk, whether it is mainstream, and our hopes for the future.

Author: Phoebe Darqueling

Gears, goggles and glamour; Corsets, crafts and creativity; Sci-fi, silliness and steampunk; Dirigibles, dancing and DIY; Physics, phonics and phoenixes; Bustles, balloons and beads; Lace, leather and life; Fantasy, feathers and flaws; Paper, piercings and pirates!

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