“My First Steampunk” on Steampunk Cavaliers

In case you missed the post on my Facebook author page, here’s where to find my latest interview. Steampunk Cavaliers is a collective of Steampunk writers who reviews books, write articles, and interview other Steampunk fans. I was asked to talk about my first encounter with Steampunk in a guest post for the Cavaliers.

I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe in the power of a single moment to drastically change the trajectory of a person’s life.

I was back in my native Minnesota for a visit, and a friend happened to have a show the same weekend. I always thought of her as a singer. But she’d recently started to perform with a burlesque troupe. Or, what she said was more accurately described as “nerd-lesque.” In addition to the sexy strip teases, the performers usually chose something from geek or pop culture to integrate into the act.

That month, they’d chosen steampunk as their theme. 

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Steampunk Cavaliers are also a partner in the Network of Indie Steampunks, and serve as a stop on our blog tours.

My First Visit to the Anachronistic Speakeasy

Back in March, Bonsart Bokel invited me to a roundtable discussion with fellow podcaster Eric Fisk. On his website, The Fedora Chronicles, Eric posted an article entitled Requiem for Steampunk, and it got a lot of responses. The three of us have a long chat about the state of Steampunk, whether it is mainstream, and our hopes for the future.

Radio RetroFuture Interviews Steampunk Writer Phoebe Darqueling (Part 1)

One of our fabulous blog tour partners is Radio RetroFuture, a web show written and produced by Dutch Steampunk enthusiast, Bonsart Bokel. He is celebrating not only his first year in action this month, but I also appeared on his 50th anniversary show. Our chat went on so long he broke the videos into two parts, so check out Part 1 and come on back for Part 2 soon!