Get in on the Steampunk Fun at the Edwardian Ball in New Orleans

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I am an Editor and reporter for Steampunk Journal, the world’s most popular Steampunk web magazine. We don’t get paid for our efforts, but I was recently offered an opportunity to report on the Edwardian Ball, a multi-city charity event happening for the first time in New Orleans on March 25.

I am desperate to go and report on the event for Steampunk Journal, but I can’t afford to get there without you! With your pledges, I can bring you the story early, plus extra content from my time in the Big Easy.

As luck would have it, I am also writing a series of books that take place in New Orleans, and this opportunity would also give me a chance to dive deeper into the history and architecture of this amazing city. So, in addition to getting the Steampunk Journal story before it is posted, you can also get bonus content for those who want to dive deeper.

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