Steampunk Sourcebooks

The main reason I started this site was to gather information and resources to inspire and inform the Steampunkery of others. The juiciest nuggets come in the form of my Steampunk Sourcebooks, in which I endeavor to find as much information on a single topic, including how other people have already punked it, and put it all in one handy location. Now, I am taking one step further to put all the sourcebooks together for easy perusal. So, pour yourself another cuppa because each article is quite long, and we can’t have you losing your steam in the middle. (pun most definitely intended)

Steampunk Sourcebook Topics

Around the World in 80 Days

Captain Nemo

Cephlapods (aka Octopus)

Charles Darwin

The City of Ember

Doctor Who


The Golden Compass


H. G. Wells

The Illusionist (and Victorian magicians)

Jack the Ripper

Jules Verne

The Statue of Liberty

Sherlock Holmes

  • Part 1 (character fun facts, “biography” and short story synopses)
  • Part 2 (short story synopses continued)
  • Part 3 (novel synopses and Steampunk adaptations),
  • Part 4 (costume gallery)

Victorian Vampires

Future Sourcebook Topics

Edgar Allen Poe- Coming October 2016

A Christmas Carol- Coming December 2016

Nikola Tesla

Thomas Edison


Warehouse 13




Murdoch Mysteries





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