Standards of Quality and Conduct

To make sure the Network and its members achieve their goals, there are standards of quality and conduct that members will be required to meet.


  • All products promoted by NOIS must have an obvious link to some aspect of Steampunk. This could include the aesthetics, history, technology, superstitions, themes, conflicts, or other recognizable tie to the Steampunk genre. When you fill out our the Interest Form, you get a chance to tell us about your work and why you believe it is a good candidate for the Network of Indie Steampunks.
  • All books that are included in group ads and the NOIS catalog of books must pass a preliminary test for punctuation, grammar, and formatting. Authors will maintain creative control of the content, but may be asked to resubmit their books if they don’t reach the NOIS standard. If a submission is put on hold, you will have the option to use the NOIS Partner services at the discounted rate, but this is by no means a requirement. Books may be resubmitted as many times as necessary for them to meet the NOIS quality standards.
    • Please note that Tin Members do not need to pass this test, which is reflected in their lower fee. NOIS still reserves the right to determine which books we will sell in person and online based on its tie to the Steampunk genre to ensure that all Members of the Network benefit from working together.


  • Members who decide to participate in beta-reading should deliver their feedback in a respectful way with the goal helping your fellow writers improve their books and make them more commercially viable. If NOIS receives repeated complaints about the conduct of a beta-reader during their review process, that person may be excluded from future beta-reading opportunities.
  • Any Member who is found to be committing plagiarism may have their benefits cancelled at any time and without a refund.
  • NOIS reserves the right to deny membership in the Network of Indie Steampunks based on conduct of a Member in person or online. We do not allow bullying or trolling of any kind.