Tin – Distribution Only


Who will want this:

Creators who want to see their work sold directly to Steampunk fans online and at conventions, but aren’t interested in other types of writing and marketing support.

What you get:

  • Books sold in person at Steampunk and general interest book conventions, and distributed through Steampunk Journal’s online store. Specific conventions will depend on the application process, and you may opt in to each event individually.
    • Price set by the author, but members have the option to participate in “flash sales” (selling their books at a lower price on the last hours of conventions) and giveaways (donating print copies).
    • NOIS will also occasionally participate in charitable donation programs. Conventions such as the International Steampunk Symposium choose a charity to sponsor every year and members will have the option to join by donating a portion of their sales to the selected charity.
  • Books sold online through Steampunk Journal’s website and Facebook outlet.
  • Authors can send in business cards, bookmarks, and other marketing materials they’ve printed to be distributed at Steampunk conventions.
  • There are also opportunities to have NOIS sell other types of merchandise on your behalf.
    • Feasibility and fees determined on a case by case basis, but generally it is a 10% commission per non-book items. Members would have the option to participate in flash sales, giveaways, and charitable donation programs (see above) coordinated by NOIS.

NOIS has reached out to several of the most prominent Steampunk websites to create opportunities for blog tours to showcase excerpts, guest posts, reviews, character and cover artwork. Different membership levels can get this service at different rates, or you can purchase a blog tour at the full price ($100) if you decide not to use NOIS as your distributor. (Learn more about blog tours and our Partners)

  • Tin includes a 25% discount on each blog tour. ($25 value)
  • Iron includes a 50% discount on each blog tour. ($50 value)
  • Copper includes one free blog tour along with distribution and all the benefits at the Iron level. ($100 value)
  • Brass includes two free blog tours/year for 2 years. ($400 value)

How much does it cost: $20/convention + $2.5o/book sold. 3% handling fee for online orders shipped to customers.

The initial fee per convention is your contribution to the Network’s costs to rent booths, build displays, and invest in the infrastructure we’ll need to make sales and record-keeping easy for you and your customers.

When your books are sold in person or online, NOIS keeps a flat $2.50 fee per book. This fee allows NOIS to keep the booth staffed throughout an event, and purchase the packaging materials for online orders and bags for customers at conventions. The Journal is offering a discounted handling fee (3% vs. 5%) per book sold online to support Steampunk Journal’s web-hosting fees.

Creators are responsible for the costs of printing and shipping their books to NOIS, and ensuring their deliveries arrive in advance of the conventions.