Fairy Tales Punk’d 2: Creature Feature is Live on Kickstarter

So yeah… long time no post. But the reasons are all positive, don’t worry!

Most recently, I’ve been working on the follow-up anthology to last year’s Fairy Tales Punk’d book. Though volume 2 is not illustrated, it is a really amazing mix of stories. Where volume 1 had a lot of variations on princess stories, Creature Feature is all about the beasties. And there’s an even wider array of cultures represented by the source material. (visit the campaign page)

Many of the authors from volume 1 have returned, but you can meet some new voices as well. We’ve got a steampunk sphinx, a dieselpunk Puss in Boots, a nanopunk Hawai’ian tale, and bunny bots on the moon, just to name a few of our mythic monsters. And even though we’ve incorporated creatures, this isn’t a horror anthology. There’s a great mix of light and dark tales to enjoy.

Here’s the full lineup:

Back it now on Kickstarter!

And if you are interested in what’s been going on with me on the screenwriting side of things, come on over to my other site for the latest news.

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