Divide and Conquer: I’ve Got a New Website Just for Screenwriting

Greetings all!

I was bitten by the screenwriting bug about 9 months ago. All of the time I put in learning to weave stories is paying off, and I received my second competition placement this week. I’m using my real name on my scripts to separate them from my other fiction output, but I realized a couple of weeks ago that I have been doing everything online as Phoebe for ages. Hardly anything at all came up when you googled my real name. So as not to look like some kind of weird hermit with a tinfoil hat, I set up a separate site dedicated to my adventures in screenwriting.

From now on, all of my screenwriting-related posts will go there and this site will remain devoted to books and authors. So if you want to hear more about my self-imposed screenwriting boot camp and things I learn along my journey, head on over and follow me there. 

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