Check Out the Sci-Fi Worldbuilding Panel from LitCon Nov 2020

During the weekend of Nov 13-15, I was a host for a very fun panel during LitCon’s kick-off event. I was joined by Wesley Britton, Theresa Halverson, and Chris Lodwig to chat about their sci-fi worlds and process for creating them. Their info is below the video, and I’ve also invited them all back to do individual world-building interviews as well.

The big LitCon event is going to be March 5-7, and if you are an author, publishers, blogger, or reader, we’ll have something for you! Sign up to get updates and receive sign up forms for the different events.


Theresa Halverson

Chris Lodwig

Systemic on Amazon

Amazon Author Page and Good Reads Author Page

Audible and iTunes

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram



Wesley Britton

Author Website

Author Page On Amazon and Goodreads Page


YouTube Channel

The Blind Alien

The Blood of Balnakin

When War Returns

A Throne For An Alien

The Third Earth

Return to Alpha

Alpha Tales 2044



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