Taking a Little Blog Breather

Hi friends!

The Kickstarter campaign for Fairy Tales Punk’d was 158% funded! Huzzah! This was my most successful Kickstarter campaign to date. Thanks so much to everyone who pledged.

I’ve got the final print proof to look over, and I’ll need to do all the ordering to fulfill rewards. Add that to the Nov 1 deadline for a screenplay I am working on, catch-up for Steampunk Journal, and the prep for both NaNoWriMo AND an upcoming kick-off event for LitCon (more news on that soon!), I need to take a little break from my recent break-neck blogging schedule.

I’ll be back in November with the end of my two series about my Andalucia trip and my crowdfunding tips for authors. However, you can still expect a new Fairy Tale Friday author interview every week for a while no matter what.

Stay safe and stay splendid!

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