Fairy Tale Friday: Spotlight on K.A. Lindstrom, a Fairy Tales Punk’d Author

I’ve currently got a Kickstarter campaign running to fund Fairy Tales Punk’d: An Illustrated Mythpunk Anthology. Within its pages, you’ll find a wide variety of tales and punk sub-genres to enjoy. Check it out.

What is the title of your story in Fairy Tales Punk’d? Tell us a little about it!

The title of my gothic horror story in FairyTales Punk’d is The Great Astrolabe of Einsem. In an isolated town, the people rely on the Astrolabe to tell them when to plant, when to harvest, when to work, and when to celebrate. But while everyone is in the fields, the town’s misfits start to wonder if something might be wrong with it. The tale is heavy in mystery and intrigue; you will have to read it to find out more!

Did you start with an existing story and punk it, or create something from scratch? Did you discover any cool resources along the way?

My original intention was to rework the tale of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Parts of that can still be seen in the story, but it evolved into something else during rewrites. I tried to keep it within the general time period and atmosphere of the original tale, utilizing numerous resources to ensure accuracy with regards to traditional German names and to maintain a hint of historical plausibility.

The titular astrolabe is based on the Prague Orloj, the oldest astronomical clock still ticking, which was installed in 1410 by clockmaker Mikuláš of Kadaň and a professor of mathematics and astronomy, Jan Šindel. The Orloj’s website offered a great deal of insight and inspiration during the writing process. 

Have you always been interested in fairy tales, or was this your first time working in the mythpunk genre?

Fairy tales have always been important to me. Perhaps it is because one of my ancestors lived in Göttingen around the time the Brothers Grimm were working at the university there. Perhaps it is just my love of fantastical tales. It was a joy to work within the mythpunk genre, attempting to capture the spirit of those classic stories. While it is my first foray into the genre, I look forward to continuing in this vein, as the themes of those stories are timeless and offer a rich source material for experimentation. 

Have you dabbled in any of the punk sub-genres before?

Primarily I have worked within the steampunk genre, having written a story that can be found in Cogs, Crowns and Carriages: A Steampunk Anthology. I adore the aesthetic associated with steampunk. However, I do look forward to attempting other sub-genre stories in the future, with particular interest in the airship possibilities associated with dieselpunk. 

What is your absolute favorite genre to write and why?

Primarily I write fantasy. It opens up so many possibilities, allowing for greater freedom for serendipity to decide the direction the story will take. That does not mean I forgo research, however, as often the most interesting paths forward result from chance discoveries while researching a topic. I have been working on a draft novel for several years that utilizes medieval grimoires as the basis for a comedic tale about demons, and happenstance often leads me in amazing directions. Some truly fascinating things can be unearthed while writing fantasies. 

Where can people find out more about you and your previous writings?

Check out my website: http://www.kalindstrom.com/

If you want to find out what happens in K.A. Lindstrom’s exciting tale, come on over to the campaign page for Fairy Tales Punk’d!


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