My Novel Riftmaker Might Become a Movie… But You Need to Vote NOW

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a service called TaleFlick. It connects authors with agents and filmmakers, and holds a contest every month for people to vote on which stories they’d like to see on the silver screen. They are also choosing four titles to develop themselves this year. And I just found out…

Riftmaker is in the Running for April!!!

Anyone who visits the Discovery page can vote, even if you don’t have an account of your own. Just go to the page and search for Riftmaker to place your vote. There is also a chat function where I will answer questions about Riftmaker (or anything else for that matter!). Voting goes from 10AM Pacific time on April 15 to Friday April 17 at 4PM. 

Winning the contest doesn’t guarantee that the book would be optioned, but it does greatly increase the chances that someone in the movie or television industry would find out about my book. Even being one of the titles chosen is a real honor, and I hope you’ll come on by and vote for Riftmaker!

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