Two Fantastic Steampunk Books Coming to Kickstarter Sept 16

Back in March, I took over a Steampunk short story anthology project. There were so many stories, the collection was then split into two equally fabulous books entitled Cogs, Crowns, & Carriages and Gears, Ghouls, and Gauges

I wanted to be able to pay the writers up front for their work rather than dealing with royalties long-term, so we’ll be using a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. Campaign contributors will be able to get both books (plus some other fun goodies) by pledging between Sept. 16 and Oct. 20. These books will only be available through the campaign until Spring 2020, so it’s a great chance to get your hands on these collections long before they are available to the general public.

Here’s what you will find in each book:


Cogs, Crowns, and Carriages

  •  Secrets and Airships – An airship pirate’s daughter schemes to escape the reach of her father and discover a long lost treasure. By A. F. Stewart
  •  Regicide and Prejudice – An vampire/inventor has the chance to prove his mettle when he is asked to protect Prince George from assassins. By Paul Michael
  •  Gho-Power – A steam carriage designer harnesses an unusual new energy source with surprising consequences. By Michael Chandos
  •  Nihon Daitan’na – The Americans will stop at nothing to force Japan to open its borders, but they can’t predict what the Emperor has in store for them. By TJ O’Hare
  •  Monster of the Deep – A steamship signals for help, but when it arrives, the crew has disappeared without a trace. By Thomas Roggenbuck
  •  Where the Light Enters – An apprentice’s loyalty is tested when an inventor’s young wife looks to him for an escape from her loveless marriage. By Crysta K. Coburn 
  •  Treason in the Sky – A wartime mechanic discovers a wide-reaching conspiracy with ties to her and her forgotten past. By Jacy Sellers
  •  Catchin’ Gargoyles – A gargoyle hunter thinks he knows everything about them until his latest mission proves him wrong. By Tim Kidwell
  •  The Last Sleep – A post-mortem photographer wishes to save her brother from his illness, but she learns everything comes with a price. By Sarah Van Goethem
  •  The Mobius Trip – a shapeshifter’s psyche is shattered by the asylum’s experiments and he’s doomed to repeat the same delusion-filled hour. By Phoebe Darqueling
  •  The Last Automaton of Doctor Jubal Varva – An aging inventor builds one last machine to end the decades-long war and atone for past mistakes. By KA Lindstrom
  •  Peregrine Rising: A Skies of Fire and Lightning Story – A sky pirate is pressed into service to recover a stolen item from an old nemesis. By Drew Carmody

Gears, Ghouls, and Gauges 

  •  The Mechanist’s Daughter – When a little girl and her malfunctioning automaton show up on her doorstep, an inventor must solve the mystery of its origin. By Tracie McBride
  •  Lady Defiance – A harpy is taken captive and finds unexpected allies among the crew of airship pirates who liberate her. By Mandy Burkhead
  •  An Evening on Harbor Ridge – Three soldiers must navigate a no man’s land of steam-powered weapons and vampiric aristocrats to return home. By Mark Rivett
  •  In the Cavern of the Sleepers – Asif’s search for a cure for his narcolepsy leads him to a temple hidden in the Assam jungle where gods are stirring. By Ali Abbas
  •  Fractured Moonlight – A pilot confronts his deceased father’s best friend in his pursuit of understanding the events of the past. By W. T. Paterson 
  •  Basic Black – With a dreaded illness hanging over their heads, an engineer must decide what she is willing to sacrifice to protect her family. By K. A. Fox
  •  The Grand Assault – A boy must step in to an unusual fencing match when the original challenger becomes embroiled in a conspiracy. By J. Woolston Carr
  •  The Steam Horses of Stem Park – In a faraway future, sentient animals find inspiration in the Steampunk tales of the past. By Robert B. Read Jr.
  •  Jewels from the Deep, a Sussex Steampunk Tale – A top London criminal visits the coast to assess the local smugglers and but more than potential profits are waiting for him beneath the waves. By Nils Nisse Visser
  •  The Bronze Bomber – In the world of an alternative American Civil War, new inventions have shifted the tide and a Union agent seeks revenge. By Briant Laslo
  •  La Muerda – A space western where a hard-bitten woman tries to learn the fate of her best friend on a planet known for debauchery and crime. By Mercury
  •  Divine – A woman must ally herself with her murderous husband and a bigoted airship captain if she has any hope of discovering her true inheritance. By E. A. Catania

So stay tuned for the campaign launch Sept 16! Follow this blog to stay up to date, or check me out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for excerpts and more!


  1. Hi I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the guide book! I’m really looking forward to reading it and hearing from you again 🙏🙏😉😉.


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