No Rest for the Wicked is Now Available as an Audiobook!

There are many important moments in the life of any book. The first time the pieces click together, writing “The End” on the first draft, holding the paperback in your hands – they are all incredible milestones for an author.

What I wasn’t expecting was how amazing it feels to also have an audiobook available. Black Rose Writing partners with Beacon Audiobooks, and No Rest for the Wicked is now just one little Audible credit away!

BRW only accepts 25%-35% of the books submitted to them, and Beacon only accepts about 40%-50% of those books to be recorded. So in a way, it feels like being chosen to be published all over again.

I admit, I was very surprised to find out it is a male narrator for my totally female-driven book. However, I think Dan Gilvezan does a great job capturing Vi’s voice all the same. You can listen to a sample here. 

Prefer the feel of paper in your hands? That’s cool, too. And right now on and, you can grab the paperback for a whopping 30% off. Amazon itself did the price drop, so I don’t know how long it will last or for how many copies, so act fast if you want to take advantage of the discount!

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