Riftmaker’s Digital Book Tour Had an Amazing First Week

Five stops, five wonderful hosts so far.

***** Review from Whiskey With My Books (1/24)

Book Spotlight on Tom Fallwell’s Blog (1/26)

Check out my “booth” at the Lancastrian Frost Fair (1/28)

Female Archetypes in Steampunk Fiction Guest Post on Tales to Tide You Over (1/29)

Art is Why I Get Up in the Morning Guest Post on Modern Papyrus (1/31)

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me build buzz for my upcoming release already, and there’s more great stuff to come over the next 5 weeks!

Are you interested in being a host for a future blog tour? I provide content, such as a guest post, interview, or a book for early review and help spread the word to drive traffic to your site. The signups for Riftmaker are closed, but I have another book coming out soon and I’ll need hosts for that one, too. Check out the sign up for the blurb and to indicate your interest. 

I am also more than happy to host others and promote your free and reduced price books in my newsletter! Leave me a comment or find me on Facebook if you’d like to find a way to work together.


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