Fairy Tale Friday: A Review of the “Glass and Ashes” Cinderella Anthology

Greetings fairy tale fans!

I adore new takes on old stories, such as the array of Cinderella interpretations to be found in Glass and Ashes from Our Write Side. As a fellow OWS-er, I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of the book, but we also have tons of opportunities to participate in blog tours open to all.

Glass and Ashes covers a wide range of takes on a tried and true tale. Many of the stories paint the prince is far less than charming. Others focused on the aftermath of Cinderella’s fateful night rather than how she gains her glass slippers. And a few only give a nod to the original story and use the framework to teach other lessons, such as JK Allen’s “Alison’s Wish”, which is more about sisterhood than dancing with princes. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey through these different angles on a well known fairy tale, and I definitely recommend it to fans of fairy tales.

I got the chance to work on the graphics for this collection, so here’s a few teasers to show you a little bit more about Glass and Ashes.

I started a story to submit to the anthology, but life got in the way and I didn’t finish in time. Luckily, there was also a Dieselpunk fairy tale anthology accepting submissions and my story, “Making Bones” has been shortlisted. So, I got nice and cozy with the source material before reading the anthology. I’ll be bringing you a look at the original story in a future Fairy Tale Friday. Until next time, happy reading!

Have you seen a cool take on Cinderella? Any other fractured fairy tale favorites? Share in the comments!

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