Looking for Tips on How to Get the “Purple” Out of Your Prose?

I’ve got another big, fat advice article up on Our Write Side. Here’s a taste from the intro, or jump straight to the full article to find out the 5 Causes and 9 Fixes I’ve identified.

My general approach to both writing and editing is less is definitely more. I like tight writing that doesn’t waste any ink or a reader’s time. This means I rely on my beta readers to let me know if I was being too subtle and need to state something explicitly. It also means that no one will accuse me of getting too “purple” with my prose.

This common literary term means that something has been over-written, or there are too many words happening in a sentence, paragraph, or — heaven forbid — an entire book. In this article, we’re going to explore methods for avoiding “purple prose” in your own work by:

  • Examining the reasons why writers can go overboard and how to combat them.
  • Discussing English as a language and how to communicate clearly.
  • The importance of respecting your audience and their reading level.
  • Tips for deciding when to be expansive and when to get to the point.

Read the full article

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