Looking for a New Way to Approach Character Building? Check out my newest Article from Our Write Side

Ourwriteside.com is an awesome resource for writers, especially ones who want to publish outside of the traditional channels. They offer classes, author services, and advice articles through their different channels. I started writing articles for them several months ago, and my newest one is about building characters using a pedagogical approach called the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Here’s the intro to the article:

There are many ways to create characters. You could read tips on creating well-rounded characters or consult this infographic on how to achieve “epicness.” When it comes to defining intelligences and personality, some people like to use personality tests to find out more about the people who populate their fictional worlds.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences is another tool writers can use to add depth and complexity to their characters, but chances are you’ve never even heard of it unless you work in education. Howard Gardner first put this idea forward in 1983, but this recognition of the many different types of “smarts” has continued to grow and evolve. No, I’m not talking about “book smarts” and “street smarts” here. Instead, Gardner and identified up to eight distinct ways for humans to show intelligence. And just like any strength, if taken too far or paired with other traits, these areas can also become obstacles. In this article, we will examine:

  • The different types of “Intelligences” identified by Howard Gardner’s pedagogical theory
  • The strengths and challenges for those possessing each form of intelligence
  • Ways to use this theory to help your existing characters grow and change in believable ways
  • Ideas for integrating these intelligences into your character creation process and using them to heighten tension within your narrative

Read the full article on OurWriteSide.com and subscribe to the blog to get new articles and writing prompts every week!

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