We Have LIFTOFF! Army of Brass is available now. Join us for the Facebook Party this Weekend

Way back in ye olde summer of 2016, I became a story coordinator for the Collaborative Writing Challenge. It took over 18 months of blood, sweat, and tears (okay, maybe more like sore fingers, eye strain and a dollop of Save the Cat), but Army of Brass is now a reality! The e-book launched today and we made my goal of cracking the Top 100 in Steampunk books. This is what I found when I got up this morning!

This book was written by 21 authors spanning 4 different countries. We’re having ourselves a little party this weekend with some other Steampunk writers over on Facebook, and I’d love it if you’d join us! Stop by any time between Saturday morning (4/28) and Sunday afternoon to read excerpts, enter our giveaways, and mingle with some new friends and authors.

Here’s what our first review said:

This is a nice, straightforward, old fashioned steampunk adventure full of automatons and airships and some really likeable characters (It was really lovely to see an older, mature heroine for once!) Excellent plot with a few carefully crafted twists and turns and overall a nice smooth read for existing steampunk fans or a perfect entry-point for newcomers to the genre. (Read the full review)

In anticipation of the launch, I also organized a blog tour. My favorite guest posts I wrote were the character interview with our fearless airship pilot character, Jack Davenport, as well as a series celebrating the anniversary of the word “Steampunk.”

On Steampunk Journal I focused on Steampunk before “Steampunk.” Then, I hopped over to Chris Pavesic’s blog to talk about the first 10 years of Steampunk literature. Next, I wrote about the middle decade when Steampunk branched into more visual media as well as music. And today, I covered the most recent decade and what you can expect to find at a Steampunk convention.

Plus, if you are interested in finding out more about collaborative writing, seasoned collaborators Crystal MM Burton and Kathrin Hutson shared their insights about the pros, cons, and rewards. They’ll also be at the Facebook party, so drop by to ask your questions live during the event!

So grab your copy of Army of Brass (just $.99 between now and May 13) or any of the other amazing novels put together by the Collaborative Writing Challenge.


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