I’ve Been Making Memes for the Army of Brass launch. Whatcha think?

I basically know just enough about graphic design and typography to dabble in meme-making. Spear-heading the Army of Brass blog tour gave me the chance to dust off my Adobe creative suite and make these four images. Do you have a favorite?

Pre-order your ebook copy of Army of Brass for $.99 and receive it on Friday, April 27!

Read Chapter 1 NOW on Steampunk Journal or check out an interview with writer Jason Pere as part of our blog tour, now until May 13.

Plus, Join us on Facebook April 28-29 to meet the writers, participate in giveaways, and more!

Speaking of giveaways, we’ve got one going on for the entire blog tour, so between April 13-May 13, enter to win ebooks from our writers.



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