No Rest for the Wicked – Teaser #24

After he retrieved the loose pages, the sepia-colored Peter puffed up his cheeks and he blew out a low, appreciative whistle. Awe knocked the slur out of his voice as he surveyed the stack of deeds, titles, and other important papers he held in his hands. “This has to be one of the biggest scores of all time.”

“Big enough to get out of here and never look back, that’s for certain,” Vi confirmed, carefully tipping the heavy bottle over the narrow opening of her champagne flute. “To my new husband, and his very deep pockets,” she said with mock seriousness and raised her glass. Some of the golden liquid bubbled up over the brim and she giggled as it sloshed and dribbled over her fingers.

Peter captured the younger Vi’s hand in his. Before either of them realized it had happened, he pressed his lips against her fingers. He caught the ribbon of champagne before it dripped onto her dress, and for several heartbeats her shadow-self sat breathing into the moment.

The flesh and blood Vi knew what came next, but couldn’t drag her eyes away.

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