My Personal Plot Twist, AKA Germany, Here I Come!

Picture this:

I have just driven across the country in order to pick up my belongings. It has taken years of moving around, but I have finally signed the lease on an apartment and cobbled together a life in MI. Sure, I just sank all of what was left of my meager money in being able to move the stuff from MN to my new home. But it’ll be worth it to feel settled for the first time in several years. I’ve always been tied to the Midwest, and there are strong communities of people here who love Steampunk. What’s not to love?

24 hours exactly before the movers are schedule to arrive, my husband received an email. It is about a job posting that is absolutely perfect for him and his somewhat obscure, and highly specialized PhD. After something like 120 rejections over the past two years, this is an incredible find very, very late in the job hunt. This is the dream job, the one he’s been waiting for.

It is also in Germany.

And to make a long story about waiting bearably short, he got the job.

So, I find myself on the brink of moving abroad once again! Because of the aforementioned apartment, I will be splitting my time between the US and Germany for the first year of his appointment, which begins September 2017. And I plan to make several trips back every year to continue reporting on cons in the states. But starting sometime in 2018 I will be based primarily out of Freiburg, Germany.

I don’t know yet exactly what this means for me, except that I have no intention to stop writing. Fiction and nonfiction both mean a great deal to me, and in today’s amazingly connected world, it matters less and less where I hang my hat.

One really positive outcome is that I will have greater access to the world of European Steampunk. This means lots of chances to bring you something quirky, cool, and totally different while I continue to wander. I already have my eye on Weekend at the Asylum 2018 🙂

So, it certainly isn’t what I was expecting, but like any good hero hit with a plot twist, I’ve got to adapt and keep on striving. I’ll keep you in the loop as I find out more.

For now, have yourself a whimsical day!

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