Plausible Writeability in Steampunk Fiction panel at Motor City Steam Con

I’ll be on several panels during MCSC July 14-16, including “Plausible Writeability in Steampunk.” It’s a great topic! Here’s the description:

How do we as authors balance logic, description, and dialogue in our fantastic scenes and incredible plots to make them plausible to the reader and thus more compelling? What conventions (coined terms, “rubber” science, real-world scientific principles, character reactions, etc.) do we employ to get our unbelievable ideas across in a believable way? Both new and veteran writers of the Steampunk fiction genre will benefit from an interactive discussion with the panelists, who will provide a “look under the hood” with their writing process.

I hope to see you there!


  1. Interesting topic. I took part in two related panels at Clockwork Alchemy this year: one on Verisimilitude–making the fictional seem true– and another on “Applied Plotonium”–the use of a pseudo-scientific plot device. I can’t say that either panel came to any conclusions, but they were entertaining!

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    1. I would have loved to be in on the discussion about pseudo-science especially. I find I often feel compelled to write as if Victorian-era “bad science” was in fact true and build stories around it


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