Overcoming the Requisite Awkward Intro Post


I wonder. What exactly did you expect to find when you clicked on this post? Perhaps you were looking for a quick little advice article (I’d say between 300-500 words for this sort of thing, ideally) from someone in the writing biz on how to overcome an awkward intro post. Or maybe you thought you’d find some inspirational piece about how I overcame something in the past. A few might be seeking an ironic twist. It wouldn’t even surprise me if you don’t think intros are requisite and/or awkward and you’d like to share your well-mannered opinion about it. (Or you know, troll, because this is the internet)

Isn’t that the beauty of language? The fact that a few words can hold so much promise and mean so many different things to different people; it is the force that drives my life.

In my Cultural Anthropology studies, I learned all about phonemes and folkways, but most importantly, that the words we have access to shape our very existence. As a museum professional, I had to figure out how to explain opaque subject matter to first graders and communicate the importance of core messages while keeping someone’s interest. When I started focusing on writing, both in the blogosphere and original fiction, I began putting myself on the page (or more precisely, on the screen) and honing those communication skills for the written word. Now, I have the opportunity to put my editing and marketing skills to the test as a publishing professional and help others to add that extra sparkle to their own work.

I will draw on all of these experiences – not to mention the new ones I’ll gather along the way – when writing this blog. Between my work and my hobbies, it isn’t like I don’t have reasons to write already, but the aim of Balance Without Symmetry is not to be an egress so much as a channel.

Let’s see, so where were we? That’s right, the reasons you clicked on this post. Well, I hope that you gleaned a thing or two about writing an intro post to a blog, and that those of you who wanted to read a story, or see proof I overcame an awkward writing challenge – with a dash of irony thrown in for good measure – will not feel they are leaving empty-handed. If you’d like to share your well-mannered opinion at the bottom, I’d love to hear from you. (But please, no trolls. This is my corner of the internet, after all)



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