Upcoming Releases

Cogs, Crowns, and Carriages will feature “The Mobius Trip”, a story set in the world of Riftmaker but in a different city. The Kickstarter campaign for both this book and its companion (which I edited), Gears, Ghouls, and Gauges, will run Sept 16-Oct 20. The books will be available to the wider world Spring 2020.

Writerpunk Press Presents Taught by Timean anthology of “punk” fairy tales, myths, and legends. My noir Cinderella re-telling, “Making Bones,” will appear in this book coming out fall or winter of 2019.

Harvey Duckman Presents Vol 3 will feature my horror story entitled “Out of Touch.” It takes the form of a transcript of a woman alone at a cabin in the woods. Date TBD, but likely Fall/Winter 2019.

The Steampunk Handbook will be coming to print Spring 2020! Date TBD

A new collection of “punked” fairy tales will be coming your way summer 2020. Any punk, any fairy tale or myth tradition is welcome. Submissions are by invitation.

Plus, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Mistress of None Book 2 is complete and currently being considered by a publisher. Fingers crossed for a Spring 2020 release date to make it one year after No Rest for the Wicked‘s release.